JAVANDALAS | Culture of Events


West Sumatera


Wild Hog Hunt (50 Kota Regency and Adam Regency).

Hunt for wild hogs in the forest of West Sumatera using dogs for tracking. A sport of the village people in the neighbouring area. The hogs are hunted every Sunday, in Agam Regency and every Tuesday in Limapuluh Kota as they destroy farm lands.


Minang Traditional Performances
Performances of traditional Minang are staged at 8.00 pm. Daily and at the end of the show, the audience are welcome to participate.


Randau (Every Sunday)
Folk dances and theatre.


Pacu Itik (Every Sunday)
In this traditional duck race, there are 10 ducks at each round. The winner is the first to reach the line.


Water Buffalo Fighting (Kota Baru)
An event held every Tuesday and Saturday by the people of the village of Kuta Laweh and Kota Baru located near the town of Bukittinggi. This event, a popular past time of the people, has remained popular through the years and is still held often. The purpose of this event is to held develop cattle breeding. Two bulls are pitted against each other, and when one of them runs off, it has lost the fight.


Bird Watching
A jeep from the gate to the Way Kanan Conversation area at dawn to take a quite look at the birds and other wild animals, and stay the night at lodgings within the area.



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