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Bau Nyale Festival


Bau Nyale is an annual festival in Lombok. The Festival is also known as “catching the nyale” among the Sasak people in the region. Nyale is in fact a kind of sea worm. This colossal festival bears a legendary myth as its background. Mandalika was the Princess of Kuripan and she was extremely beautiful. Her beauty became a craze among the princes of the land and all of them started fighting among each other to win the princess. However, this pathetic scenario made Mandalika distressed and she took a hard decision to bring the lost peace to her country. She jumped into the sea and sacrificed her life. Though it brought peace to the land again, the people could never forget their dear princess. Since then the festival is organized in certain time of the year. 


Bau Nyale Festival in Lombok is the most popular one, which is also added with a mythical taste.



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