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Javandalas Private Tour Guide

We are Tour guide for private, individual or small groups to explore Indonesia. We will show you a beautiful place and will make it enjoy your time with. Locals that love sharing about Indonesia and locals places with our visitors. We all speak fluent and clear English, have experienced and fully helpful. We can go by flight, bus, and train or rent car. 


The tours are designed only for one or two persons or even small group. The reason is that way you can enjoy the place better and with another perspective, with a personal touch, visiting the tourist places and also knowing the real and authentic Indonesia.


Depending on your interests, you can decide where you would like to visit or we can make a plan for you. Public transportation in the destination is very interesting, cheap, and really fun and we can jump to some places quickly by using public buses, or trains. It is very fun and wonderfully.


The walking tours start at 10 am and finish at 6 pm. Make contact to my email for your enjoy and privacy holiday.





  • Walking, car/minivan and bus tours
  • English spoken fluently and clearly
  • Time-efficient suggested itineraries
  • Fully customizable tours
  • Total flexibility: during the tour, YOU are the boss
  • Children are welcome  (scratch “welcome”: adored!)
  • Handicapped friendly
  • Service and detail oriented
  •  Fun and knowledge mixed to the perfect point




whatsapp: +6281380601533